The Teachers

Nicola Robinson T.C.R.G

Nicola began dancing at the age of 4 for the Morgan School of Irish Dance based in Manchester. She developed her skills over many years and at the age of 13 started to break into the top 3 in Britain and top 5 in the world. Nicola finally achieved her goal and became 6x times British National Champion, All Scotland Champion, Great Britain Champion whilst also holding 2x 3rd place titles at both the All Ireland & World Championships.

Faye Downey T.C.R.G

Faye began dancing for the Barlow School of Irish Dance at the young age of 5. After 6 years at this school, she moved to join the Morgan School of Irish Dance where she met co-teacher Nicola Robinson. Faye has competed at Regional, National and World level over the years she was competing, and in 2010 became North West Regional Champion, and in the same year placed top 10 at National level.

Both Nicola and Faye were also a part of many team events for the Morgan School of Irish Dance and both became World Dance Drama Champions in 2001.

Nicola and Faye have competed at the highest level and having embodied a huge passion for Irish Dancing for many years qualified as a Irish Dance Teacher in 2009 setting up a school to give back to the art form. They welcome anyone to come and try Irish Dancing as they have gained so much from the art form, and wish to pass this passion on to others.


teaacherFaye Downey (left) & Nicola Robinson (right) receiving
their award for passing their TCRG examination.